Thursday, January 13, 2011

On flooded kitchens

Okay, I'll admit that it had been awhile since I had mopped. But I was getting to it, really.

It was a dark stormy night, and the dishes were stacked precariously high in the stainless steel sink. Something had to be done ...

I opened the dishwasher and put some pressure on it's occupants. They didn't last long.

I looked at the sink again, you could tell they were dirty. They had to go.

Filling the dishwasher to capacity, I smiled a smug smile. They'd get 20 to 30 minutes for sure.

But there was still one that had to be dealt with ... the boss ... the Roasting Pan. This one'd seen it all and was tough. Darn tough.

He needed a good soak, but wasn't on the level.

There was a snitch! A leak! I found myself in a river and no paddle in sight.

Nothin' to do but mop up this case. The roaster's still down and dirty, he might just end up in the can.

However, my floor is sparkling clean.

I also now know how to make tortilla bowls. FANTASTIC for our 'taco night'.
*Drape tortilla over a mason jar, press sides down.
*Spray with cooking spray (ie. canola oil)
*Bake in a med. oven (usually 350) for 10-15 minutes or until toasted and keeps it's shape.