Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just some blessings

Blessings today:

After much prayer, found my bite block. So timely, I was really starting to hurt.

Energy to have summer school with the kids. Got so much done today. Scripture, haikus, math, library, park, some cleaning, scouting and faith in God. For Rebecca, shapes, colors, calendar, numbers and the abc song.

The kids decorated their summer folders and we had successful green jello for desert-honestly, the first time we have done it (due mostly to the usually hazardous results of my jello-making attempts). And there were no shredded carrots. Ew.

Praying alot. Making sure to get my scripture study in. God is kind.

New shoes at DI for ALL of the kids!

Rebecca is talking so much! Today, she very clearly asked for a "piggy back ride".

Benjamin got his very own library card today because he is 5 and can write his name (with help).

Joseph and I worked on scouting today-honesty...it was so funny.

Kristen looked up "observant" when Ryan remarked that she had been, and came back and reported to him on her own. Really proud of her.

Ooh, and we ate our star popsicles today out on the porch swing!

Trying to remember others as we go along and trust God.


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