Friday, July 6, 2012

Repair putty

We have purchased around 40 pounds of sculpey in the last week. (Thank goodness for Michaels coupons!)

This oven-bake clay is perfect for our mega-home project of late-building a terrarium structure for our geckos in their new (donated-yay!) tank.

At first, my husband would stress about every imperfection, and really stress about any heat-induced cracks that were caused by the firing process.

Every fissure brought a groan of discouragement, every unintended droop a sigh.

And then we discovered "repair putty", a marine safe epoxy that filled in gaps, bonded almost instantly, and cured to match the baked clay.

And I thought to myself, as my husband proceeded to happily and expertly apply it, "Wow! This is so symbolic!"

My whole life I have worried about making my life perfect. I didn't want any cracks or bumps in my finished product and I figured I only had one shot, kind of like oven-bake clay. ;)

What I don't think I realized is that God has repair putty.

He has the ability to fill in gaps, fix damage, and leave me stronger than before. He can make my finished product perfect, even if I can not.

I think I'm in love with repair putty. And I think I can breathe a little easier knowing that God can do the same with the jr. sculptures I'm involved in casting right now as well.

What a relief. :)

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