Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello world!

Craziness has abounded lately and I'm just so grateful to be back to a little bit of blogging!

So, my new smartphone auto-corrects everything normal I have to say and turns it into phrases like, "Okay, it will just be the paiute of us then!" Or, my other favorite, "You are a walrus person" (rather than wonderful-in case that threw you...)

I have also been observing an anomaly that seems to reach beyond my technological ineptitude and have recently seen advertisements that say things like "omnipotent online banking" as offered by Nevada State Bank and the use of a frightening, slightly mangy-looking, human-sized stuffed chicken costume placed to lure unsuspecting customers into a used car showroom.

I am entirely too grateful for the entertainment provided by just a jaunt down the road. Yep, advertisers, I probably won't buy your product, but you made me laugh. Thanks!

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