Monday, October 10, 2011


Hubby and I have a long-standing agreement that he is in charge of making sure that garbage gets out of the house and then to the curb on the appointed day. This has been sometimes disputed territory, and, so to avoid further debates, I have simply sworn off taking it out whether it sits there a month. This is not an angry thing, simply an acknowledgement that I have many items on my morning and other to-do lists and unless it is on my list, I simply can not accomodate it.

So, this morning, I go out for my walk and decide that I will take the cans to the curb just this once in appreciation for all sweetheart has been doing lately for us, all the while thinking of how his face will shine with appreciation on his return.

At 7:53am he rushes in the door like a whirlwind. Seminary has apparently gone late and he is in danger of being late for work. A not completely uncommon occurance. He heads for the bedroom to get changed. No shine. No appreciation. *sigh*

He throws lunch in a bag and I find a way to  *humbly - ahem* sneak in the fact that I have laboriously sacrificed my morning by taking out the trash for him.


He rushes out the door with a kiss and a "love you babe" and me calling out "Don't forget your prayer!!" - also not uncommon to our morning routine.

I go to take my shower, raincloud over my head and feeling put out.

Then I remember a little lesson I learned only recently. Turn to God for your approval. I, truly meekly now, say a little prayer asking God if he is pleased with my attempt at doing service for my sweetheart. I am surprised, although I don't know why - it has happened every time I have done this, to feel a warm assurance of love and ... appreciation!! There it is! The validation I needed. It is always there whenever I have done my best and ask for His approval.

God is not stingy in his love, guidance, or approval.

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