Sunday, December 25, 2011

Church choirs and the hymns they sing

Walking into my mother and father-in-law's chapel this morning, I could not have possibly known how richly I would be blessed for my attendance.

There must have been only about twenty members of the choir-mostly women, as is typical, but I never would have guessed it from the powerful, yet heavenly sound that greeted my family as we walked in the door of the building.

It was as though a selection of the angelic choir that had performed at Jesus' birth had descended once more to grace our congregation with an encore.

I was entranced.

Close to the end of the program, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" was sung. The invitation was irresistible. "Sing choirs of angels! Sing in exaltation! Sing all ye citizens of Heaven above!" and " "Oh come let us adore him."

I felt the call resonate through me and strike a true chord. One that I know was echoing in congregations all throughout the world today.

On this day, the faithful gather to worship their king.

I am so grateful to be among the  followers of Christ.

"Oh come all ye faithful - joyful and triumphant. Come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem."

I am joyful, and can be triumphant because he is faithful.

Thank you to the small group of volunteers who sang today and gave me such a wonderful reminder.

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