Sunday, December 25, 2011

Goodnight world

Another late night. I'm feeling worn but content. Being the adult on Christmas eve had taken some getting used to for this spoiled youngest of six.

This year my children's anticipation of Christmas morning seems to be heightened. I feel I am getting to know them better than ever and my excitement is greater too, knowing how much their gifts will mean to each of them.

We wanted to steer away from fluff gifts this year and get them things they need and we have a place for. They may have fewer gifts, but I hope each means more to them.

I feel guilty saying it, but I didn't get hardly any of the service I had intended on done this Christmas. Somehow, my focus seemed always to turn to our home. Perhaps it was there that my service was most needed this time.

My heart goes out to those suffering. I pray for comfort for them and place my faith in miracles. I feel that, sometimes, where I can not go, God already is.

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Don't worry. You are where you're supposed to be and there are plenty of angels around to help those in need. First things first, right? Love you!

  2. Sometimes we overlook that serving our families is our greatest gift to God! Take care of them first and you will be blessed to serve those who need it most! Merry Christmas to the Dahls!