Friday, December 23, 2011

A list of blessings

Blessings today:

*Safety. Every day that I wake up and we have been protected through another night I am grateful.

*Freezer cooking. Spent all day catching up since I've missed two weeks, but I feel so much more prepared now and we have such good food all ready to go! So grateful that hubby is home right now so I could devote so much time to this today.

*Revelation and answered prayers- the Holy Ghost.

*Digital Christmas cards. Still hoping to get a family letter and paper card out next year, but these are really nice in a pinch and don't have to cost anything! Check out for some ideas!


*Instant access to all the audio and video for the scriptures, bible stories, mormon messages, mormon channel series, church magazines (Jan 2012 is already out!), etc. via the new mormon channel app.

*Digital scriptures through the gospel library making it so easy to access cross-referenced scriptures.

*The opportunity to focus on and serve in my home. Not to mention, having a home.

So much to be grateful for!

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