Monday, January 16, 2012

Blessings and camomile tea

I went to Verizon today, where they ordered me a new phone for free since my charging port was loose. I also went to Autozone where we were able to get the water pump for our van for $40.00 instead of $100.00.

Two blessings of convenience just because God loves me and wants to bless me, I guess.

That particular thought has been a difficult one for me today. I have the most wonderful sweetheart, who has continued to be supportive as I have wrestled with correcting my perspective in relation to self-worth and God's relationship with me.

I have always tried to be perfect so I could be worthy of God's love and blessings. I could see how he could be merciful and loving and forgiving to others if they made mistakes, but not necessarily me.

I am bringing this to God and I am starting to feel peace in this regard-which is odd, since I thought I had gotten over my perfection complex awhile ago. I guess I haven't learned the full lesson.

Some things have come up recently that have seemed to throw me back a little. It's been really hard, but I am grateful for the opportunity to re-learn.

I think it's like my husband said, I need to work on the "joy, hope, confidence" part of the gospel.

So much of salvation depends on a willingness to do your best. The amazing thing to me is that then, even on those not best days, God loves you anyway.

What a beautiful thought.

My seven year old told me tonight some of his thoughts when he was taking the sacrament on Sunday. He said "Jesus died for us, he lived again, he loved his enemies (like in the story where the guard got his ear cut off) and he forgave his enemies." I asked him, if Jesus loved and forgave his enemies, then how much more does he love and forgive you? His smile was so big. I asked him if he thought that Jesus loved me that much too and would forgive me too and my heart sang out when he said yes, that he thought he did and would.

My five and one year old are still congested. We did salted warm honey/lemon cough syrup, warm herbal camomile/honey/peppermint tea, hydrogen peroxide q tips up the nose, and humidifiers tonight-we'll see if that's enough to take care of the croupy cough we were fighting with last night.

Love home remedies. God made so many things naturally for the use of man. I think I need some essential oils. :)

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