Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's how you weather the storm that matters

Today, over and over again I was hit with the thought, "The degree of the difficulty doesn't matter, what matters is how you handle it."

Can I be patient through pain and fatigue?

Can I have faith through loss and discouragement?

And how will I know the answers to these questions without the opportunity to be tested?

This just happens to be the lesson I'm learning right now. It's not everyone's, so I hope it's "taken with a grain of salt", but what started out as an inspired experiment one pain-filled day to try to be as patient as Christ was through his pain has become a life-changing challenge to give my best to every situation.

What wonderful things we learn when we are studying in the scriptures and trying to obey and live clean so we can have inspiration!

Sometimes we weather the storm beautifully, sometimes we just survive. I desire to thrive.

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