Saturday, January 21, 2012


Worthwhile media can be so hard to find, and in trying to find it, so much has to be filtered through. I think Heavenly Father is making good media more and more accessible, but then the responsibility lies more heavily on us to choose deliberately and wisely.

A couple of my favorite media sources right now-little to no swimming through immoral muck to get to them!

1. mormon channel. Online or through an app, this is my go-to for awesome programs as well as a great music-only station.

2. Gospel library. Now syncs with your lds account. Has ALL manuals and standard works with the ability to annotate.

3. Youtube-pianoguys playlist. I need to find an alternate way to get to this-I hate having myself and my children exposed, even for a couple seconds, to the general list of thumbnails that are on the main page. You can just count on there being something inappropriate every time. But hours of incredible and uplifting music on the pianoguys "channel".

4. Google reader. This is where I have my carefully-chosen list of blogs that I follow for everything from ideas for home management to blogs that cater to my hobbies (particularly sewing and cooking right now). I stay away from anything that makes me feel negatively about my own situation. I tend to look for writers that carry the feel of genuine-life-livers, albeit faith-filled ones. :)

I love my media!

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