Wednesday, January 4, 2012


There are changes occurring in myself and in my home that I don't know quite how to articulate.

I mean, my house has been clean for the last three weeks and looks like it's in a fair way to be maintainable. Anyone who knows me knows that that is a miracle in itself.

I have been studying the counsel to get one's own house in order in order to serve and have been praying for help and insights. These have come as I've studied and put faith in God's promises to those who continue in faith and obedience. (To the best of their ability - obviously, I'm not claiming perfection in obedience-although I strive for sincerity of desire...)

An increasing understanding of God's promises and how to accept them into my life has left me in awe and humble gratitude.

And they have not all been cleaning, organizing, simplification blessings. Blessings of patience, healing, and understanding towards my family members has increased as well as my desire to love as Christ does.

I'll keep you posted, but this has all the marks of "good fruit". The promises of God are priceless and sure. For "God [can] not lie" Enos 1:6.


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