Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scripture study!

Read in Isaiah today-48:18 where it talks about keeping the commandments and the promise that our peace would be like a river and our righteousness "as the waves of the sea".

I got the river part. I've never felt more at peace than fishing the Strawberry river. The calm is almost intense. But the wave thing, I just couldn't get.

So I looked up the anatomy of an ocean wave on google and there were alot of good parallels, but perhaps the most striking thing that I came across involved the classifications of waves. When you read this, think of it in relation to trials (wind) and righteousness (waves). Then be amazed that it was actually on a site about safe boating. :)

Waves take their time to develop; they don't spontaneously erupt from the ocean. It takes a certain speed of wind to blow over a certain distance for a considerable length of time to create lasting waves.
There are three different types of waves that develop over time:
  * Ripples
  * Seas
  * Swells
Ripples appear on smooth water when the wind is light, but if the wind dies, so do the ripples. Seas are created when the wind has blown for a while at a given velocity. They tend to last much longer, even after the wind has died. Swells are waves that have moved away from their area of origin and are unrelated to the local wind conditions -- in other words, seas that have lasted long beyond the wind."

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