Sunday, June 3, 2012

The best part of my day

Yesterday, my 10 year old asked me what the best part of my day was. I noted that she was unusually intent and still when she asked.

Right then, my attention was needed in the kitchen, and as I walked, I considered using the question to teach a lesson on the importance of prayer, or the value of scripture study, but after a minute, realized it was best to be honest.

My now-8-year-old stopped me in the kitchen and asked me again, to which I answered, "Waking up and seeing you kids and your dad around me."

The 10 year old came around the corner and whispered suspiciously, "What did she say? Was it the same as in the Friend?" (The Friend is a children's magazine produced by the LDS church.)

Then they explained that in a story in The Friend, a mother was asked that by her children and she responded, more concisely than I, with a simple, "You."

It took me a minute to explain that what I said meant the same thing-I think they were hoping for something more poetic-but, then they seemed satisfied.

For me, it was a moment of greater realization that my family is my most valuable possession and the reason for everything I do.

They really are the best part of my day. I am going to try hard to remember that today.


  1. You are absolutely right!!!! Thanks for the post

  2. So sweet and cute! Your kids are growing up SO fast! :) Love you :)