Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Oooh! Those are so illegal."

4th of July, My 8 year old son saw "the big fireworks" being shot off all throughout the neighborhood. When he asked why we didn't have any of those to light off, we answered that they were illegal and explained why.

My 8-year old has always had a firm sense of justice and every time after that, when he would see a glittery umbrella erupt, he would "Ooooh!", followed by, "Those are SO illegal." :P

I took the opportunity to let him know that they were also beautuful-they were just being used in the wrong place. It made me think of another talk we are going to have to have soon along the lines of intimacy and chastity. Another powerful and beautiful thing that, at the wrong time or place, can consume and destroy.

I'm so grateful for such a timely parallel for such a difficult topic.

I love it when Heavenly Father provides the answers in advance!

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