Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!


Last night, we brought in the New Year with Lord of the Rings and video games, poppers and pjs. Maybe next year we will focus on more kid-involved activities, although, all of the kids enjoyed watching/helping Ryan play "Twilight Princess" and watching (an edited version, via mom and the remote control) "Lord of the Rings". Joseph and Kristen have been quoting it.

Today has been much more involved with the kids. I've had the chance to play Mario Kart with each of them and then Ryan and I played catch with them in the cul de sac until the lights went on. We briefly went and watched football at the Dahls and Dad Dahl barbequed. I appreciate more after last week what it takes to host a family.

I had a hard time getting things together enough to even have the elders stop by for dinner last night. Today I didn't want to see anyone but Ryan and my kids. Ryan says he has been trying to get that thought across to me for about 13 years now. ;)

Wonderful feeling today as we added a picture of Christ to our new sticker chart wall. Felt prompted to have the kids make "Home Dojos" for themselves as the background for their stickers, then as they follow the master (Christ) they get stickers. I love having a way to reward them that has no down side, since all other systems are accountability-based.

That was fun, making those with the kids. :)

Tonight, looking through and picking the picture of Christ, "Go with me" and "He came for me" both were playing in my head and I was so happy.

I am learning to be honest and trusting with Christ.

I trust Ryan. This has been a huge step.

I got to tuck in the kids again tonight. Rebecca makes sure I don't miss a night. I'm still sure she watched from Heaven before she was born and decided on certain things she was not going to miss out on when she got here-and that was one of them. :D

"Are you going to check on me?" in a plaintive little voice always touches Ryan and I. It touches me that Ryan's response to her is always, "Of course she is. Mommy always checks on you, doesn't she?"

I am grateful. I am so grateful.


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