Monday, November 24, 2014


Yesterday I thought I didn't have anything to write in my journal, but in an attempt to be obedient, I started writing anyway. By the second word I knew the thoughts I was writing were not my own original ideas, but I was grateful for the, for me, timely insights and felt I should share.

Here you go...

I am blessed. I am snuggling with my sweetheart in a calm quiet house on a Sunday morning, knowing that in just a little bit I get to go to church, take the sacrament and study the word of God! :)

Could life be any better?

The little anxieties of life, the little imperfections, can be ignored. It is me that needs to become perfect, not what surrounds me-at least not until I have improved enough to be able to live in a perfect world.

Rather than rail at life's imperfections, I need to work on my own in order to deserve the perfect eternity waiting for, I need to work on patience, charity, brotherly kindness, service...

I want to learn to be the kind of person who would be comfortable in the perfect world I want. It doesn't work the other way around - "I'd be perfect if everything around me was perfect." We are who we are. If we act imperfectly in an imperfect world, it is because we are imperfect inside.

It is that friction that allows us to see, desire, ask, act, and finally change our character.

Once we are perfect inside, the outside situation will not affect our character.

Christ maintained his perfection in a world, not only imperfect in comforts and convenience, but blatant in it's injustice and cruelty, specifically and maliciously aimed at him.

What provocation do I really have that justifies impatience, hatred, selfishness, pride, grudge-holding, or retaliation?

If I look to punish, I am looking for further punishment to Him who took ALL our stripes.

It has been paid for.

And as to inconvenience and disruption to my comfort-I need to change my perspective.

All are opportunities to hone Heavenly skills and fulfill the purpose of this life-to change - to overcome the natural man - to practice becoming like Jesus, who was patient and filled with love and had the power of the spirit in all of the circumstances of His life; who was wise and correct in speech, pure, honest, forgiving, and declared truth without fear.

I aspire to remember these insights and am grateful for them.

I pray I can remember to use my time wisely.

I am needing Heavenly help constantly. I am also alot more calm. I am learning-hopefully in time to protect my childen-about imperfection, worth, and patience.

God, the Holy Spirit and Ryan are my teachers and counselors.

I am so grateful.

"My God is an awesome God!" :)
(I taught the chorus of that song to Rebecca thing ever.)

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