Tuesday, November 16, 2010



So, today has flown and I only have a moment before I need to take my child out of the soak cycle on the bathtub. Boys get so dirty.


*Morning walks! It's been a long time since I have been able to arrange for the time to take a walk. I tried doing it with the kids, but somehow it lost it's relaxing quality when they joined me. This morning I even sang some of my favorite songs while walking, I figure they have you do it in bootcamp, so it must help with the cardio or something.

*Rosemary! I asked for and was given some rosemary today by a neighbor. I have planted two sprigs with roots in two different places and hopefully one of them will take. This is my second edible plant that I'm growing. Planting my left over green onions from the store was my first and they are doing great! Does it say something about you if all you can grow is onions??

*Language! Rebecca has found a way to communicate with me when she is hungry. I always sign and say 'food' to her when feed her. Now she takes my hand off my mouth and touches my lips with her hand - then says 'dada' - which is still her only consistent word, opens her mouth and waits in expectation for something, anything to be inserted. This makes me so happy.

*Friends! I can't find my Book of Mormon, and this has left me very sad the last couple of days. This morning I was really missing the boost of happiness that daily reading gives me. (yes, I could look up the scriptures online, but it's not the same as opening your worn, marked, loved book.) This morning, I ran into a friendly neighbor with whom I have discussed gardening on occasion and she provided not only good cheer, but also a profound spiritual directive. She's not 'mormon', but she had a firm belief in the power of positive thinking and shared her conviction with me. What a joy to have friendship. What a blessing!

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  1. i just have to say how much I love your blog. Its a different kind of blog, and so uplifting. It also helps me get to know you even better. Thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts with us:)