Monday, January 31, 2011 - Ensign Article - The Library of the Lord

Came across this while browsing the site and looking for better choices in spending my time. I really feel a need to be constantly prepared for inspiration right now. (Something we refer to a lot to in the "Mormon" church as promptings, personal revelation, or the spirit, as we believe it is the "Holy Ghost", that is behind inspiration.) I need it in the calling, or assignment, that I have right now in my church, as well as in my family. I've felt this need before and have always received the help I've needed as I've made changes in my life to better be prepared to hear and follow these promptings.

Don't be so surprised - I always knew I needed help. (And professional help at that.) - Ensign Article - The Library of the Lord - Boyd K. Packer in a May 1990 Ensign article. (LDS church monthly publication that includes messages of various topics from modern-day prophets and apostles among others.)

Data is a little outdated =P, but a MEGA worthwhile. This changed my whole outlook on what my library should look like. What a joy and privilege to study the word of God!

Since the time of this article in 1990 many additional translations have been completed of the Book of Mormon, audio and visual resources have been made available through the church's website (which has been running for about 5 years now), and additional sites have been launched, such as,, and, which is also a youtube channel, containing short instructional and inspirational videos called "Mormon Messages".

Currently 90 languages are represented from the website with content ranging from audio files to printable conference addresses and scriptures in those languages. As of June 2010, the Book of Mormon had been published in 107 languages.

Don't have time to keep going, but wow. What a sense of gratitude I feel right now.

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