Friday, February 25, 2011

Something in the sink ... smells

I am in a mood to be really honest. This usually happens when I'm really tired or sick. The funny thing is, when I'm sick or tired enough to have no fear of complete disclosure, it usually means that my perspective on reality is skewed - so what I disclose to you might not actually be accurate. What is even funnier, is that I am usually pretty honest anyway and only seem to think that I am not completely forthcoming when I am sick or tired.

Having said that. There are so many that are really really sick right now. I am not one of them. I am just sick. In fact, even though I can tell I am sick, I'm actually doing alright. BUT, something in  my sink smells. I mean, like I thought Rebecca was poopy kind of smell. I think I'm going to have to make that my one thing for the day. Oh, my poor house and kids. Someday we'll all be feeling better again. There will be plenty of time to worry about dishes and laundry.

Now, a moment for worthwhiles.

*scriptures - reading in Nephi, after he had seen the vision of the tree of life, he rested before he dealt with his brothers contention and taught them. It's okay to rest when needed.
*prayer - feeling God accepts your offering of time and energy in the service of others is the best kind of validation. Especially when one is feeling under the weather.
*The Holy Ghost - Knowing that if something is really important, it will be brought to your mind, when living in a way to feel the promptings of the spirit, is such a relief to someone who, like me, struggles to remember things. Of course, I have to do my part to not overbook and also keep track of things myself.
*Eliza R. Snow. R stands for Roxey, if you didn't know. I didn't, but have enjoyed finding out more about this wonderful woman.
*A plethera of paper products. I love paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex, just about anything I can clean with and then throw away. Not to say that a good dish towel isn't absolutely necessary.

Praying we can all get over these colds and flus - that we can all learn the humility, or gain the blessings of service, or whatever the reasons for them, so we can all get back on our feet and go forward, seeking to be "anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of [our] own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness" (Doctrine and Covenants 58:27)!


  1. Feel better and rest and enjoy those snuggles with kids while they are sick! You are amazing!

  2. Hope the sickness in your home goes away soon. Remember to rest and take care of yourself.

  3. Eat an orange. Then drop the peel down the disposal and turn it on. That makes you feel better and makes your sink smell nice. Side benefit: orange oil also cleans the disposal (somewhat). :)

  4. Belated thanks to all! :)

    I actually did an orangy-type-thing Allen, but it resulted in mold. :( Very sad.