Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stay close

I went to COSTCO today with all 4 kids. As we left with our over-filled cart, my children started acting in the oddest ways. They are usually so good about looking before going in the street, but my 4 year old especially just wasn't getting it today. The only thing that went through my mind was 'Stay close!'. I knew that no matter how distracted they were being, if they just stayed close they would be okay - especially if I could get them to hold to the side of the basket.

It has been made very apparent to me today with reading some talks, specifically Julie B. Beck's October conference talk for the RS meeting as well as Barbara Thompson's, that God is constantly warning us to 'stay close'. Vital and simple things like reading scriptures and saying prayers are so easily neglected, when, even if other parts of our lives aren't in order, they are the things that will keep us safe. The very strength each of us seek to address daily concerns, temptations, and personal tragedies comes from staying close to the Savior. He stands taller than us. He sees beyond our sight. Best of all, He loves us and wants us to be safe, to have peace, to be happy.

Someone I love very much once said, "Pray, because it brings you back to God, read your scriptures because they are the answer to your prayers, and smile, because you know what's going on."

In a nutshell - I guess my goal for my life really is to 'stay close'. I pray my children will do the same. "Keep the commandments, keep the commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace..." (Hymn 303)


  1. First of all, you are my hero, because you took ALL of your kids to Costco! Second, I swear your going to be a General Relief Society President someday. I gain so much from your sweet, little inspirational posts. Love you!

  2. From Ryan to Erin: If you ever say/write that again YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM EVER SEEING/TEXTING/CALLING Kerri AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But yeah she is pretty cool.

  3. You are so sweet Erin. I'm really trying to keep things together, just like everybody else. I'm just so grateful for the little insights the spirit brings to each of us everyday if we just listen.

    @Ryan: I love you babe. :)