Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worthwhiles part IV

Really needing to look at the positives today. So:

*I have a full box of baby diapers! For all the times that I have run short, this is really a sign of stability for me.

*There are baby toys all over the house, which means that I am blessed enough to have a baby in the house.

*There is a fabulous "Happy Birthday" balloon floating above me from my youngest's 1 year birthday party this last weekend. It is obscenely happy and determined to be just that. I would love to mimic it's blatantly optimistic style, but I am loathe to cover myself with anything that sports variously colored and sized polka dots.

*I have a husband who comes home to me every night. I am realizing again what a blessing this is. Marriages that are performed in temples with the understanding that they continue beyond this mortal life may not always be perfect, but they can not help but foster deeper, more devoted relationships.

*God's comfort. It is accessible to all of mankind, but an especially poignant blessing when a more constant presence in a person's life.

*Wipems. There has got to be about 110 uses for those things.

*Exercise. I have exercised two out of the last three days. I have had energy two out of the last three days. I'll let you guess which days go with which.

*Experience. Is it a poem I once read? I am reminded of something I once heard somewhere about pain or experience carving out troughs in our hearts to increase our capacity to love. Doesn't sound as poetic as I remember it being, but the thought is essentially as I remember it. When another's pains carve into your heart it seems to do the same thing, I am finding.

And now, scriptures and goodnight. Sleep well and soundly world. May you be comforted.


  1. Love your list of positive things:)Got a sitter, its all good. Love you!!

  2. Always great to look for the positives! I too am thankful for a husband who comes home to me every night...I know too many of my friends that don't have that blessing whether it's through divorce or death.