Saturday, April 16, 2011

A few thoughts

Life changes are exciting once you embrace them and allow creativity.

*I can see Rebecca's treatment times turning out to be my favorite times of the day. She can't go far because of, first, the nebulizer, then the percussion vest, but I can think of a few fun things to keep her entertained while having to sit still - blocks, counters, coloring, books (of course), banging on pots and pans with spoons, singing ...

*I am playing with cooking and baking more than ever trying to find whole-food alternatives that our family really enjoys. Hunting for things like "lecthin granules" and "powdered ascorbic acid" in the stores is fun in an almost "scavenger-hunt" sort of way.

My focus in these life changes are two things I feel I learned in our most recent General Conference: (Where the current head of our church, our prophet, speaks along with his counselors and other church leaders, on topics relevant to our times and circumstances.)

1. Kindness is a sign of greatness. I need to be kind - starting with my family.
2. Service. I need to serve - beginning in my home.

I know that as I do these two things in my home, all of my other responsibilities will have a greater chance of being accomplished in the way God wants them to be.


  1. what an amazing attitude you have!

  2. Aww I love you Kerri!(: You have such amazing kids.. and your are amazing(: You also have great worthwiles and great goals(: -Mary Meagher

  3. Well, I think you are well on your way:) Love you!