Friday, December 7, 2012

Move on

"Apologize and move on." Advice given to me by Cheryl Cardall.

I followed it tonight and Kristen, Joseph, and Benjamin forgave me for my short temper tonight. I especially needed it from Kristen.

Joseph said he'd always forgive me and I was the best mom he knew. It warmed my heart and I told them I would try harder.

Thank you Cheryl.

Sometimes I feel justified in my anger with the kids or a situation and I try to put the blame on someone else, but the fact is, I am the one making the decision. I do not have the spirit when I feel contention. That message is the one I need to send to my kids. Not that it's ok when mom does it, but that there are eternal truths in action here.

I'm grateful for the chance I had to feel the gift of forgiveness from my kids tonight.

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  1. Oh, Kerri, I love you. You always teach me, thank you:)