Thursday, March 7, 2013

An experiment

Today, I felt drained when I said my morning prayer. It was a short prayer, essentially asking that I make it through the day.

Then, on the way home from taking the kids to school, a Christian radio program reminded me that "making it through" wasn't enough, and I really needed to continue to pray for wisdom in order to be able to handle situations that may arise in a day. "Seeing through God's eyes" is the way he put it.

I realized then, that after my prayer I had been struck with a seemingly strange resolve-only strange because in my state of mind, I was not thinking in this direction at all.

It was a resolve that today-no matter what else I did, I wasn't going to criticize my kids. Not one bit. I was going to only comment on their positive qualities and accomplishments. (And I was going to do alot of it to keep myself from slipping into critiques.)

It hasn't been easy.

I had only peripherally realized that in an attempt to keep things running I had fallen into a habit of giving constant reminders and suggestions on how things could be done better, or at all, with very little or no praise.

Sometimes my discourse with my children even fell further, into discouragement and projected disappointment.

Oh, how inspired was that wisdom!  Given to me when I was too unwise and too tired to ask for it.

Today I watched my children bloom as I showered them with constant compliments. Every situation had a new feel to it. Previous irritations (No, DON'T play with your brother, get your teeth brushed) became a way to find something good (I love how you are so fun and love your siblings, now I really need you to hurry and brush your teeth.)

Correction, when needed, was done with a feeling of love and appreciation on my end-and some correction was left unsaid as true intent was more easily discerned.

It has changed my day. It has made me remember that we, all of us, are intrinsically good. I will find it. I will praise it. I will remind my children, my husband, and myself of it daily.

It is a good seed, for it is delicious to me. :D (Book of mormon reference-if you haven't picked up your copy yet, visit for a free copy sent straight to your door!)

And may God bless each of us with that great worthwhile, wisdom.


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