Friday, November 5, 2010

A new day

Today was nothing like yesterday. This happens to me sometimes.

At times like these, I have to look for my worthwhiles in the hidden, and yet more obvious places. I should explain. Everyone has things that challenge them to look a little harder for the good. I think this gives one the opportunity to choose, to define, who they want to be. There's one worthwhile right there, I guess. The ability to excercise my power to choose who I am and who I will become. But anyway, one of my challenges is fibromyalgia. This means that when I don't get enough rest I start to hurt. Everywhere. For those of you who deal with the daily physical drain of pain, you know what I mean, and it can sure put a damper on your day. Because this is something I have experienced from as young as I can remember, I think it is probably easier on me than on some. I also know that there are those who suffer so much worse pain than I experience, and on a much more constant basis. To those of you who suffer with physical pain, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is.

BUT, the good things are still there! A couple for my list today:

*running water - my 8 month old ADORES her bath
*beautiful music - I highly recommend Jon Schmidt, his music is very relaxing (Especially his Christmas cd. To the Summit is good too. Waterfall is fantastic, but not in the relaxing category necessarily.)
*scriptures - always little insights that help you know God is there
*toilet paper - I mean really, where would we be without it? And so nice to have a nice big supply for potty-training. (Which never ends, don't let them tell you differently...)

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